mission : Concept to occupy public spaces
client : Storefront for Art and Architecture
location : New York City
year : 2010


“Forget about the waiting lines and give a new purpose to shopping trolleys. Borrow one of those from any large supermarket. Fill it with whatever you need for a few days (or weeks) of outdoor demonstration, grab a small locker, and gather with others in a public space of your choice. Tied your trolley with your locker to one other and began to design The Wire Island.

The Wire Island – made of old-consumer-world icon – draws the new symbol of harmony in public space. The Wire Island is modular and can fit any public space. Several rings can be put together in many different ways depending of your needs : one big ring, one ring in a bigger one, many different rings linked to each other to create a long line, a circle…

Very easy to set up, The Wire Island is very hard to unmake without the lockers keys. It can protect you from any charges. Police can only make it roll! Jump on your trolley as when you were a kid and began an endless waltz with authority forces.

(Warning : Never show off with The Wire Island on top of a cliff!)”


A big thank to pyc
photo crédit : Delphine Piault & Hugo Couvry