project : Curation of the drawing exhibition
client : Filip Andreas Juhl
partners : Metroselskabet, Helle AS
location : Copenhagen
year : 2017


“His love for the city is so great that the flaneur cannot detach himself from it. He seeks up high and down below, outside and within after impressions and variations. Where his glance meets the iconic repetition he forces from it with the power of imagination new scenes and meanings. He is almost pathologically novelty seeking and discovers new worlds behind the gates through which he enters. He dreams up with great pathos and passion the dramas of a whole humanity as he wanders. He asks the city if it wants to be his life.
- It answers with an echo.”
Filip Andreas Juhl, artist

“With his exhibition, Filip Andreas Juhl wants to show the inhabitants and guests of the city the Copenhagen, which he has sensed and registered in the past three years in his drawings.Some images show more well-known parts of the old town, but this is where we find a truly unique atmosphere. Other images show unusual conditions in usual locations. A third kind shows imagined, fearful and made up scenes. The drawings respect the history of the city with its old-fashioned style and the patient handheld technique. But on closer inspection, they are a source of surprise, bewilderment, and reflection. The observer is invited and challenged to also sense the city from an exterior as well as interior perspective.”
Delphine Piault, curator